Lai-Jing Chu is a product designer who cares.

I am a product designer in the San Francisco Bay Area with 2+ years of experience slaying dragons at early-stage lifestyle and education startups, with more years spent in architecture and academia. Currently at Collov Home Design, shaping tools for interior designers.

case studies

web app | Product Designer @ collov

Collov’s Designer Workspace (2021)

Shaping the tools interior designers use.
web app | Product designer @ Empowerly

The Empowerly Score (2020)

A “credit score” for college apps.
media responsive web | Product Designer @ Empowerly

Empowerly Marketing Site (2020)

🔒 Fixing the marketing funnel
ios app + accessibility | student @ springboard

A Rideshare App for My Granny (2019)

She doesn’t have a smart phone.

side projects

community and website| Founder and designer
A venue for architects exploring digital product design and development.
Mar 2020 – Present
user interface design | personal
A detailed, exhaustive study of UI elements in a stripped down manner.

Past work


As a humanities researcher, I was trained to process and synthesize complex, unfamiliar research data into compelling stories.


As an architectural practitioner, I have learned the importance of creating organized workflows, having a “design system,” paying attention to detail, and monitoring construction.