Hi! I’m LJ.

I am a product designer currently located in SF Bay Area. As a designer with a knack for digital project management, I have three years of hands-on experience turning ideas into robust features at tech startups of various stages and industries.

I am a product designer with a background in architecture and academic research (it was a Ph.D. program that brought me to the Bay Area!). Currently, I am at Rocket Lawyer improving the way everyday individuals seek out relevant legal resources.
Over the past three years, I have had the privilege of helping to ship core product features and improve user experiences at highly innovative education, interior design, and legal tech startups. I believe in working scrappy but setting a high bar for ultimate delivery. Feel free to read more about my process and principles here.
In my spare time, I co-founded CritRoom, a weekly virtual meetup that supports architects transitioning into or exploring digital product design and development. If this interests you, do reach out!

Rocket Lawyer

2021 – now

Collov Home Design

2020 – 2021


2019 – 2020
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Lai Jing is one of the hardest working designers I’ve had the pleasure to hire. She has a strong desire for success on many fronts: personal, team, and company. I was always impressed with how much thought she put into her designs and documentation. Lai Jing always wants to bring you along on her design journey, which is helpful in understanding her thought process and decision making. She’s quite productive with her time and I think finds a lot of pleasure in the act of creation. She’s focused and driven. I can’t recommend Lai Jing enough.

Liana Lawrance

Director of Product Design at Rocket Lawyer

As an interior designer at Collov, I had firsthand experience working on the designer backend platform that Lai-Jing designed. The changes that Lai-Jing had specifically made dramatically improved the efficiency of the program. The tools she designed helped me utilize the program to create mood boards with a streamlined revision loop system. This allowed me to get easy access to customer feedback and get a clear indication of the project statuses. She also created tools that allowed for easier management of product inventory. These tools allowed me to quickly create a product list for the customers and present them with a comprehensive design package all in the platform that Lai-Jing created. All in all, the changes, and additions that Lai-Jing has designed have greatly improved the system to cater both the designers and customers.

Candice Suh

Interior Architect at LVR Studios

I feel fortunate to have worked with LJ, who is such a great UX designer with comprehensive skill sets, including UI design and Product Management. LJ applied well-defined methodologies to organize the company's UX design as well as Product Management system. Her efforts significantly helped the company to define the ownership and the product KPIs clearly. Furthermore, she utilized user-centric design thinking to isolate the issues both in our existing product and our internal system, which contributed considerably to our system optimization. Our internal system is still benefiting from LJ's design a lot.

Candice Lyu

Operations Manager at Collov

I enjoyed working with Lai-Jing on multiple projects while she was with us in Collov, specifically on our interior designer backend portal.

Lai-Jing was responsible, proactive, and most importantly, displayed a can-do and positive attitude. She has demonstrated a well-developed and strategic understanding of corporate products, and worked diligently to enhance the performance of the new platform through gathering and responding to user and stakeholder feedback. She is full of ideas and continuously challenged us to improve the user experience through design and research.

She is both an authentic individual and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lai-Jing to whoever is fortunate enough to have her on their team.

Nanxin “Peter” Zhao

Senior product designer at project44

I had the pleasure of working with LJ at a fast-paced, online interior design startup. While we didn't work together directly, when we did work together, it was very close. LJ jumped into our company and immediately found where her efforts were needed, rolled up her sleeves, and got to work. What I love about LJ though is that she doesn't just work for the sake of it–I would call LJ a fantastic "zoomer outer." What does that mean, you ask? LJ is excellent at asking the right questions, guiding people to ask the right questions, highlighting the goal or what the goal should be, and overall, getting people to step back and either devise a plan or revisit it. Quickly, she became one of the team's defacto leads. I credit many organizational changes in our company to her and sorely miss working with her. As a designer, she is extraordinarily talented, but you probably could already tell that. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and recommend her endlessly.

Sarah Kamshoshy

Content Designer at Instagram

Lai Jing joined Empowerly as our first UX designer when we were still pre-seed. It was clear from day one that her background in architecture translated well to being a UX designer. She understands how to design for people and constantly has the user’s best interest at heart. Lai Jing is incredibly thoughtful and thorough in research, from usability testing to interviews, and she develops strong processes and documentation that are crucial to any organization's success. I highly recommend Lai Jing - she is as detail-oriented, passionate, hard-working, and talented as they come.

Hanmei Wu

Co-Founder at Empowerly

I had the pleasure of working with Lai Jing at Empowerly. I was impressed at Lai Jing's ability to create and implement successful team collaboration processes that prevent bottlenecks and inefficiencies. As a Product Manager with a UX Design background, she was a jack of all trades. She understood business goals and user needs while also focused on delivering a great product. Any employer would be lucky to have Lai Jing as a PM/Designer. Not only is she smart and driven, but she's a teammate that you know you can rely on.

Cythera Carino

Senior Product Designer at Intuit

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